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To see one of the ostomy nursess at  University of Chicago Medicine, please call (773) 834-3524 to schedule an appointment; or request an appointment online.

You can be seen by the ostomy nurses even if you have not had your surgery at the University of Chicago Medicine. 

 Learn more: Information about appointments and the University of Chicago Hospitals for new patients and visitors.

Location and Directions

Directions to University of Chicago medical campus.

What we can provide at a clinic visit

The services that the ostomy nurses can provide include: 

  •  Pre-operative education and stoma site marking
  •  Pouching system fitting
  •  Assessment of inability to maintain a seal on the ostomy pouching system for a prolonged period of time
  •  Assessment of peristomal skin issues (redness, itchiness, etc.) 
  • Introduction to different pouching systems
  • Stoma assessment, if there is a problem with the appearance of the stoma
  • Development of  problem-solving plans
  • General assistance with stoma problems

What do I need to bring when I come to the clinic?

Bring a list of any ostomy related questions to facilitate the discussion. 

Bring one complete ostomy pouching system change to allow the ostomy nurse to see all of your pouching system items.

Consider how many times in a day you empty your pouch and how many days you currently wear your pouching system. This information will be useful for the ostomy nurse as she assesses your progress.

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